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purchase injectable services in advance at special pricing


BOTOX Treatment Package
1,650.00 2,200.00

Purchase BOTOX treatments in advance and save 25% off our standard pricing of $11/unit. This package includes 200 units. At 25% off, you save $550! This is the best pricing for BOTOX treatment by a board certified plastic surgeon in Newport Beach. This offer will extend until June 30th, 2018. BOTOX treatments purchased can be used over the course of 18 months from the date of initial treatment. This treatment package can be gifted to friends or family.

Dr. James Rosing will be the physician injector for all treatment sessions. A typical BOTOX treatment session will use 40-50 units and last approximately three months. There is no requirement to use a certain amount of units per session, though the units must be used within 18 months. There is no limit on number of visits within this time period. 


All service packages and prepaid treatments must be used within 18 months of date of purchase or they will expire. Expiration in this case indicates any prepaid service package or treatment will be void.

To avoid abuse of special discounting treatment/service packages no refunds will be given for partial usage of service packages, unless development of an unforeseen medical condition precludes further treatment with purchased service package. Validation of any such medical condition will be by Dr. James Rosing as well as the primary physician who establishes said medical condition. If newly diagnosed medical condition is validated, refunds will be given after applying the full standard price of used treatments.

If for some reason you are not able to use a prepaid service, you may utilize a one-time exchange of calculated unused portion of service towards other non-surgical services offered by Rosing Plastic Surgery.



Pre-purchase of injectable services requires one of the following:

1. Evidence of prior treatment with injectable service being purchased. If treated prior by another physician or qualified injector RN or PA, documentation of previous treatment(s) is required.

2. Consent to consultation at the time of initial scheduled injectable treatment session by Dr. James Rosing. If the patient is assessed to not be a candidate for purchased injectable service, a refund for the total amount will be granted.

Separate informed consent for a given treatment package will be sent via email to purchaser and will be reviewed at the time of initial treatment at which time any questions will be addressed. 18 month time period to use service package is initiated from the date of initial treatment. Service packages may be ‘gifted’ to friends or family members is part or in whole so long as the recipient of the ‘gifted’ service package qualifies and agrees to the above listed terms.