Lipo-Shaping: Fat volume reduction for those who are in shape!

Most people considering a procedure for fat reduction are already in great shape.  These patients exercise regularly, and typically have a normal body mass index (BMI).  Despite excellent health and a disciplined lifestyle, there are one or two stubborn areas of fat excess.  Liposhaping is an effective solution for these types of patients.  It addresses those smaller fatty areas effectively without needing general anesthesia.  This procedure offers the ability to directly contour the neck, abdomen, flanks, back, arms, and thighs by reducing excess fat in a minimally invasive manner.  In fact, this fat volume reduction is low volume and targeted which can be done under local anesthesia with oral or IV sedation. The best candidates for Liposhaping have sufficient skin elasticity, so that their skin can “shrink” back to a smaller size or shape once the procedure is done. This is why certain parts of the body respond to Liposhaping better than others. For example, the outer thighs and flanks, or love handles, are typically tighter in skin elasticity. These areas tend to respond the best to Liposhaping because the skin overlying the area “shrink wraps” around the smaller area, once the procedure is complete.

I perform tumescent Liposhaping which involves injecting a tumescent solution comprised of saline solution (sterile saltwater), lidocaine (a local anesthetic) and epinephrine (a medication that temporarily shrinks blood vessels) into the treatment area before removing the fat to minimize swelling, bleeding and bruising.  I close the incisions with dissolving sutures that do not require removal.

Liposhaping has a short recovery time, which means patients can return back to usual activities within two to three days.  The area treated is is typically sore, with mild soft tissue swelling.  I provide patients with a thin soft foam dressing to wear under either a compression garment or spanx.

Liposhaping has high patient satisfaction rate because it is an effective method of fat reduction with little down-time.  This satisfaction rate proves the procedure is a worthwhile investment in one's self.

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