Lipo-Shaping Fat Reduction | Dr. James Rosing

Lipo-Shaping is an in-office fat reduction procedure performed under local anesthesia.  Lipo-Shaping is akin to traditional liposuction as both reduce fat volume from a given area of the body, though with Lipo-shaping, the focus is to improve definition in targeted areas with low volume fat reduction.  The more common areas are the submental (below the chin), lateral chest, abdomen, thighs, knees, and gluteal region.  Patients typically will be back to usual activities in a few days with very little downtime.  Compression with a thin foam barrier and location specific garments is recommended for one week.  Call our office to speak with Morgan for more information or for scheduling a consultation.   949-706-7886

Lipo-Shaping | Abdomen | Dr. James Rosing

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