Kybella: Liposuction in a syringe

I recently began using Kybella, 'liposuction in a syringe', to treat isolated areas of relative fat excess on the body.  The injection is FDA approved for injection into the submental (below the chin) subcutaneous tissue to lyse fat cells.

How Kybella works: It's an FDA-approved injection containing a naturally occurring molecule that dissolves fat, which your body then flushes out. The best candidate is someone with good skin and a very distinct appearance of fat under the chin, the knees, bra-line, axillary 'puff', upper back, and medial thighs.  What are the side effects?  Kybella acts to lyse fat cells, causing inflammation that will result in tenderness and swelling in the area injected.  It is possible to feel firmness and even numbness at the injection site, though this is temporary.

The cost: Kybella used to treat the 'double chin' or submental area requires a series of three separate treatments, separated by four weeks.  Each treatment includes two vials of Kybella at $600/vial.  A full treatment consists of three treatments, or $3600 in total.  

Kybella injection series will provide a permanent reduction in fat, resulting in a long term, reduction in fat volume where it is injected. Call now and make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. James Rosing.