Breast Reduction


Younger women seek breast reduction when size impedes physically fit lifestyles. It can also affect successful breast-feeding depending on the size of reduction. Similarly, nipple sensation can become impaired in some cases. This procedure, therefore, must be considered carefully.

Older women might have the procedure in conjunction with a breast lift in order to restore their appearance.

Sometimes, large breasts can cause undue neck, shoulder, and back pain as well as headaches. In such cases, it makes sense to seek a reduction. Insurance will often cover much of the fees.

The procedure involves partial removal of breast subcutaneous and glandular tissue as well as excess skin, for better proportion with a woman’s stature. Sometimes liposuction is also used. In most cases, the nipple is repositioned to a higher location on the breast to create a more natural location after tissue is removed. After the procedure, there are scars around the nipple, vertically below the nipple and horizontally under the breast.

Having attained a renewed sense of comfort absent for many years, patients who undergo breast reduction are among the happiest plastic surgery patients.