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This is where you can learn about the plastic surgery body procedures offered at Rosing Plastic Surgery.  Below you can explore content by linking into a section of interest that will provide a greater description of a specific body procedure, including technique, location of incisions if any, procedure duration, need for anesthesia or not, associated risks, benefits, alternatives, and the most likely recovery time.  Thank you for your interest in Rosing Plastic Surgery.


EMSCULPT - Abdomen - before + after - female
EMSCULPT - Buttocks- before + after - female


The non-invasive HIFEM® (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology induces powerful muscle contractions not achievable through voluntary contractions.

When exposed to strong contractions, the muscle tissue is forced to adapt to such extreme condition. It responds with a deep remodeling of its inner structure that results in muscle building and sculpting your body.


EMSCULPT is used to TONE the muscle of the abdomen (rectus abdominus) as well as the buttocks (gluteal muscles) as seen in the before and after photos to the left. During stimulus, a supramaximal contraction of the treated muscle is induced on a programmed cycle over the treatment session of 30 minutes.

Initial treatment is scheduled as 4 separate 30 minute sessions over a 2 week period of time. Maintenance is optional and as needed 1-2 times per month based on the patients goals.

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Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty)

Extra fat in the stomach can be removed simply through liposuction, but when stretched muscles and loose skin are also present, it is best to consider abdominoplasty (tummy-tuck). An incision is made on the lower abdomen, just above the pubic bone, through which excess fat and skin are removed. Just prior to the procedure, I recommend patients wear an undergarment or bikini to ensure the scar will fall below the garment. Abdominal muscles and skin can be tightened to flatten the abdomen. Depending on the amount of skin excess, the belly-button may need an incision around it as well.


results may vary

results may vary


Ever thought of wanting to get rid of that small area of extra fat?  You are in great shape, but no matter how hard you exercise or however many ‘cleansing’ diet regimes you suffer through, that lower abdomen/lateral thigh/inner thigh/upper back area just will not budge!  Dr. James Rosing, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, performs LipoShaping using power assisted tumescent technique on the first floor of our building at Hoag Surgicare as well as Newport Beach Surgery Center. He recommends most patients have general anesthesia for liposhaping of larger volume areas, though for small isolated sites, general anesthesia is not necessary. This procedure offers the ability to directly contour the neck, abdomen, flanks, back, arms, and thighs by removing excess fat in a minimally invasive manner. LipoShaping is akin to liposuction in that it is an effective way to reduce fat excess, though differs in that it is more targeted with less downtime.  Many patients find it helpful to view before and after photos of LipoShaping.